The John T. Wilson Homestead is a National Historical Landmark and is recognized as a  Historic Underground Railroad site (UGRR) by The Friends Of Freedom Society – Ohio Underground Rail Road Association.

The John T. Wilson Homestead has been a place of significance since the early 1800s as the center of the community, general store, and post office; an important stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to freedom; and a recruitment and training site of Civil War Union Soldiers – to its current placement on the National Registry of Historic Places and is a designated by the Friends of Freedom Society Most Endangered Underground Railroad stop. John T. Wilson was sympathetic to the abolitionist cause and assisted fugitive slaves on their road to freedom. The Underground Railroad was a route for runaway slaves from the southern plantations north to freedom, using the North Star for direction. Artifacts found on the grounds thought to be used by traveling slaves, a hidden staircase, and underground tunnels all add to the mystery and historical interest of the Wilson home.  At the same time, this site has always been a place of quietness and peacefulness. Perched high on a bluff, with nearly constant gentle breezes, visitors to the Wilson home often feel a sense of calm and harmony. This is probably why John T. Wilson chose the name of Tranquility for the community that sprung up around his farmstead.

After four decades of neglect and disrepair, the John T. Wilson home was close to being lost forever. Today the John T. Wilson Homestead, with its original 42 acres of farm land remaining intact.  The grounds are also the location of Adam’s County Annual “Heritage Days” and in 2011 held the “Civil War Days” festival and encampment with Civil War re-enactors.

The John T. Wilson homestead is situated in scenic Adams County Ohio, only minutes from the Wheat Ridge Amish Community and Serpent Mound, interestingly Wilson was the owner of Serpent Mound and the land surrounding it when these lands were deeded to the Peabody Museum of Harvard University 1886.  Located just off State Route 32, and an hour drive from Cincinnati. This is a picturesque land of rolling hills, country farms, covered bridges, and antique shops. Adams County is also the home of beautiful Ohio Brush Creek, and two state forests; and the Wilson home is adjacent to the 4300 acre Tranquility Wildlife Area which known for its world record white tail deer potential. If you are planning a visit to the John T. Wilson homestead please visit our local attractions link to find some of the wonderful sites of Adams County, Ohio.

We are proud that the John T. Wilson homestead serves as a connection to days gone by, preserving the past for current generations to enjoy. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is reinvigorating to step back into a simpler time, a place of tranquility and history. We look forward to you visiting the Annual Adams County Heritage Days and our bed and breakfast.
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